2.24 Gradient Tunnels

Animating an ‘experience’ of the gradient colours into a seamless experience for the commuter onboard. With the gradient colours done, I just needed to D.I it onto the train windows, to provide a stimulation of the whole experience. I went down to HarbourFront Station on 28 March at 6am to shoot the scenes of the train’s interior.

I decided to take the first train in the morning on a Sunday, with hopes for an empty train. Using Gracia’s gimbal and my iphone, I shot the journey with the wide angle lens, however it did not turn out the way I expected it to. The gimbal was supposed to stabilise the camera, however it did the opposite due to the train’s movement. The train does not travel on a horizontal flat plane, hence the gimbal remains parallel but the train (as well as me) tilts throughout the entire journey. I clearly didn't think this through…should have used a tripod (damn it). Guess I will be making another trip down.

Gimbal + iphone Wide angle

I didn’t want to make a wasted trip, so I took the train back and forth twice to record down some observations. I mainly relied on note-taking but also managed to sneak a few photos. The trains headed towards HarbourFront was packed with commuters compared to the trains headed towards Punggol. Perhaps they are headed to work (at HarbourFront), the general age of the commuters appear to be 30–60. At this timing (6–8am), most of the commuters are asleep on the train. I noted down that in one carriage, there were 23 asleep, while 10 were on their phones. Even the train conductor who was standing had his eyes closed.

Knowing that I needed to reshoot, I planned to do it on 31 March and work on finishing up the webpage in the meantime.