2.10 Finalising the Travel Guide — Mandatory 2

Rachel Fung
4 min readDec 14, 2020

Putting the images and deciding on the colours

I have finished sourcing and cropping the images for both Chinatown and Little India. All the images were also edited to make the colours more vibrant and contrasting.

Images for Chinatown
Images for Little India

I decided to start looking for inspiration on colours that I could use for my travel guide. The look and feel which I am going for is contrasting colours that are bold. I will also be using colours to segment the different locations and stories from the locals.

Colour moodboard

Using the colours from above as reference, I decided to play and mix around the colours to see how they work. I decided to have the singapoliday itineraries and the stories by Singaporeans to be contrasting colours. The colours chosen for the different locations are based on what they are usually associated with, e.g. Sentosa’s branding and logo is orange while Chinatown is filled with red and yellow chinese decorations, and lastly Little India station is purple.

Colour Palette for collaterals

I then proceeded to layout the images and put in the colours for the travel guide, finishing it up. I decided to draw a box as placeholder for the insert booklets, for alignment purposes when I stick them on.

Pages from the travel guide

I feel a sense of relief from finishing the travel guide as this is the most design heavy component I have. I need to finish up the inserts and then continue on with the travel brochure. There is no content talking about place-making which is an important concept for my project. I was thinking the brochure can be a guide to place-making that highlights the definition, the process of place-making as well as some case study examples on place-making in action.

Cover Design

This was the initial sketch that I came up with, as I wanted to play around with the bold typeface. However, relooking at the art direction of my travel guide, the crop images should be the main focus and can be used to visually draw attention.

Terrible Sketch of the cover

I decided to put some of the images from my content into a single image. I also made sure that there is a good mix from all the three locations. It honestly just looks like a collage of travel attractions.

For the cover page I decided that I would add the word “Singapoliday”. The words Destination: Singapore will also be present on the cover, likewise all the other collaterals. This would ensure that it takes on a singular branding and title. The text “Domestic Tourism during a pandemic” is also included to give quick context on what the publication is about, it was also added for design purposes (oops). The three places highlighted were also added and underlined in their respective colours. I enclosed the above collage images in a yellow box background to allow the images to have more contrast. I was thinking which colour from the palette could I use as the cover that would also contrast against yellow well but not too much. I tried a few versions below:

Different colour versions of the cover page

The contrast for the first one wasn’t strong enough, while the second one was too strong. The last version, I tried to play with a black and white version of the image but it doesn’t relate to the content, making it look like some history content. But aside from that, yellow seems to work well with the orange.

Travel Guide Cover Page

As such I decided to use the beige colour for the secondary texts and yellow for the box and header text.

Back to working on the insert booklets…

For the Inserts, there will be a cover page followed by a page with a statement that summarises the type of itinerary proposed by STB for that particular location. So for sentosa it’s all about the thrills, while Chinatown is all about experiencing old culture and little india is about craft-making. To contrast this information, on the last page of the booklets, the page summarises what locals actually go to the respective sites for (as shown in the image below).

Pages of Insert Booklets

The travel guide and inserts are all done! Now moving on the the brochure as well as mandatory 3…